About Us

Adaptive Press llc is  an author first cross media storytelling company. Founded in Houston, Texas. The publishing world is changing and Adaptive Press wishes to be part of that change and grow from the new opportunities in the world. Although we respect tradition by providing editing, design, and distribution to our authors free of charge according to their contracts.  We believe that by adapting to change and supporting our authors. We can produce the highest quality storytelling and make it available to everyone across different media types.

Each story is given the opportunity and devotion to develop whether our authors come with a fully formed platform of their own or if we help them build one from the ground up. We would love to see every book published in the traditional offset printing style however that is just not possible for Adaptive Press at this time. At this time the majority of our stories are produce in digital form (POD, Audio,and Ebook) by our imprint adaptive publishing with just a few moving on to Adaptive Press llc

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a caring, innovative, adaptive independent publisher of story and knowledge in all formats and to make these works available to a worldwide audience. Our purpose is to foster inclusion for all readers by offering stories in as many ways as we can support. We believe a language barrier or disability shouldn’t keep a reader from enjoying a great story.

 We Believe

Every author deserves a trustworthy partner in publishing. The ability to promote and market their books in the best ways possible. Access to quality editing and design to give each book a professional advantage.Readers deserve amazing stories in the form that best suits them. Prices that don’t break the bank and the ability to connect with the stories and authors they love.


Adaptive Press BBB Business Review

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We’re Involved

We believed in being involved and collaborating with others. Currently we are members of the independent book publishers association and the Better Business Bureau. We hope to join other professional writer, author groups, and associations as our company grows.


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