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On this page you can find blog post and information on what is happening with both Adaptive Press llc and our author services company P&G Management. 

Jan 01: Open to submissions

January-until full,fiction-non-fiction-poetry, FREE to submit 

Adaptive Press llc is opening its doors and looking for its inaugural presentation of authors and poets.

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Welcome to the blog for Adaptive Press LLC and P&G Management.This blog is for both companies and is directed at aspiring professional writers and authors.

 New year,new career path: new year’s resolution planning for aspiring professional writers and authors

This new year’s when everybody is making resolutions, why not use your resolution to set your goals and make your aspirations of being a professional writer and author into career success. How can you use your new year’s resolution to reach professional writer and author success? What are smart goals and how to make them? What are some examples for professional writers and authors?

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