Adaptive Press llc, is a small independent publishing company founded in Houston Texas. We are a general publisher of fiction and nonfiction.We believe that a great story should be for everyone.It is with this in mind that we offer low-cost fundraisers to the communities in and surrounding Houston and across the country. We offer coloring book fundraisers and cookbook fundraisers. We also offer custom fundraisers pertaining to books (i.e. poetry or short story collections) for individuals who are a little bit more creative and willing to put in the extra work.

When: you choose

Duration: average time 4 to 8 weeks

Genre: Coloringbooks/Cookbooks/Poetry or Shortstory collections


Questions: See FAQ

How do we work?

Short answer: 3 step Process

 Long Answer: using Coloringbook as example

Step one: Registration

Signing up: Fill out registration form and pay $50.00 fee.

Decide on details and packages where they apply for book (size, title,binding, timeline, and copyright)

Then you will receive customized flyers and brochure for the sale ((pdf) you can print yourself or add to emails or online newsletter)

Step two: Create and Sell books

Collect the pages 3 options: 

  1. a) have students submit drawings (contest)
  2. b) we can provide AI drawings or convert photos provide by you
  3. c) a combination of both

Step three:

Sale your book

Usually coloringbooks are sold for two weeks and then books are printed and shipped this takes two to four weeks.

Distribute your books and collect your profit.


Coloring Book

Coloring Books are fun, educational, healthy, easy to sell and provide long term entertainment. Having students, teachers and others provide the art work helps create a sense of community through cooperative work. These 8.5″ x 11″ Coloring Books almost sell themselves because they are personalized by and for the community selling them.


Cookbook fundraisers are a fantastic way to foster a strong sense of community while simultaneously generating funds for a group or organization. Each recipe represents a unique contribution, reflecting the individual tastes, traditions, and experiences of its contributor.Encouraging a sense of pride and togetherness in a community.


 A fundraiser centered around students submitting their poetry or short stories for a single book title not only promotes literary achievement but also offers invaluable firsthand experience in the publishing process. Navigating the publishing journey, from submissions to editing and layout, offering a unique educational opportunity.

Prayer Journal

Welcome to Adaptive Press llc, where we believe in the power of prayer and the strength of community. Our Prayer Journal Fundraiser is not just about raising funds for your church, but also about building a stronger church community and fostering a sense of belonging. This unique fundraising initiative is tailor-made for your church community, by the community itself.

frequently asked questions

Are there upfront costs?

Yes there is a registration fee and an optional copyright package.


How many pages does the book have?

That is up to you, the range is from 0-100.

How do we know how much profit we will make?

You set the price base off the number pages and how much profit you want to make.


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