Thank you for submitting your full manuscript!

After your full manuscript is reviewed we will send you an email to inform you if we wish to continue moving forward or not. This part of the process can take a bit longer (1-3 months). If you have not heard from us in 3 months we encourage you to reach out. You can contact us at

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frequently asked questions

What is meant by adaptive?


This means we try to get your story  into as many different forms as possible. Some stories are just meant for audio while others do better as graphic novels. We use a combination of analytics and statics to find the best fit along with a little bit of author input. Our lawyers tell us that we should let you know that  we reserve the right to final say in these matters.

Will you accept submissions directly from an author?

Yes, and if you have an agent that’s good too.

Do you give feedback on rejected queries?

Absolutely zero feedback is given for rejection letters; it simply states that your manuscript is not a good fit for us at this time. The reason for this is here, at Adaptive Press we are true Booklovers which means we think every book is amazing.We focus more on what would be a good fit for us to publish at the moment, not so much on the details of your manuscript. However, after stating that let us be clear that if you need more details you can check out our blog. We will have articles about what we and other industry professionals look for in manuscripts. 

Do I need to pay to submit?

No, not for general submissions calls. Sometimes we have contests that have entry fees but for the most part we do not take fees or require you to use  editors that cost you money. We are old school!! We pay for the editing, design ,etc of all stories published under contract with us.

Do you pay an advance ?

Our advances are based on an author’s previous sales history with us. We see advances as a way of strengthening the relationship between author and publisher.

Will the books be physically printed or ebook only?

Adaptive Press llc is a traditional press that uses off-set printing and print on demand, our imprint adaptive publishing is our digital only brand. Stories from this imprint will be digital and ebooks only.

Do I need to send separate submissions to adaptive press and adaptive publishing?

No at this time both companies operate together if a manuscript is more suited to one company over the other we will inform you.

How many new authors do you take on per year?

For now we take on 1-2 authors a year for traditional offset print runs and up to 30 a year for more modern digital formats like print-on-demand. That’s authors not necessarily books because we do publish anthologies and collections. 

Do you accept previously published work?

Yes, we will. However, it must be at least 10 yrs out of print, if published with another publisher. 3 to 5 years if self-published and not available in any digital format i.e. POD and you must be able to provide proof that all rights have been returned to you.

What guidelines do you have for manuscripts and query letters?

We use standard publishing industry guidelines. Plus a few things to make things easier on us.

  • Send all manuscripts using file format:  ‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘rtf’, ‘odt’.
  • Font: Times Roman, Arial, or Courier, 12 point
  • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
  • Paragraph indentation: 0.5 inches
  • Left justification; one space between sentences
  • Manuscript should be double-spaced
  • First page
    • Authors Contact information (preferably top left)
      •  Author’s real name
      •  Pen name (if being used)
      • Author’s mailing address 
      •  Phone number
      • Author’s email address
    • Title/Subtitle with byline
    •  The hook: the description of your story and the most critical query element; 100-300 words is sufficient


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