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Adaptive Press Team

Adaptive Press Team

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 Welcome to the blog for Adaptive Press LLC and P&G Management. Adaptive Press is a general publisher of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. P&G Management is an imprint of Adaptive Press that offers services to author’s and other industry professionals. This blog is for both companies and is directed at aspiring writers and authors. Imparticularly those aspiring writers and authors wanting to become professional writers and authors.

 This blog hopes to provide and share tools and information that will not only be helpful but valuable to their career. In this blog we will cover topics important to professional writers and authors such as author platforms, writer resumes, book promotion, book marketing, author promotion, author career growth, author website design, holidays for fun, and how to use holidays to sell more books.

 By subscribing to this blog you not only gain the ability to comment on posts, but subscribing gives you access to subscriber-only freebies and perks to help our professional writers and authors  succeed. We will be providing ebooks and pamphlets,checklists, email templates, spreadsheets templates, canva templates and more available.

Adaptive Press Team

Adaptive Press Team


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